Year one Readiness: Map The Day!

Kindergarten Seasons Activities: Kindergarten Readiness: Map The Day!

What You Need:

  • 11" x 17” piece of plain white paper
  • Black felt-tip pen
  • Small photographs of your house, your school, and any after-school special care facility that your child will attend.
  • Local map

What You Do:

  1. On your local map, find the route from your house to your child's new school, from school to after school care if applicable, and then to home again. You and your child can do this together.
  2. Using the map as a guide, help your kindergartener draw the route onto your 11x17” page. As you go, have your child paste on the pictures of your house, school, and after school care where they belong. (Note: don't worry about being too exact! Rough scale is just fine for kids at this stage and if you need to cut some of the pictures too, go ahead.)
  3. Invite your child to place a finger on the picture of your house, and then move that finger along the route to school. Talk, talk, and talk some more as you go, about how you'll get from one place to another, who will be along, and where you're going. Do the same thing when you get to the school and to after school care, and be sure to leave plenty of time for any questions he may have.
  4. Once you've talked through the day, don't neglect a crucial final phase: move that finger right back home to where you started, and keep talking as you go! The is one of most important parts of the discussion for your kindergartener. At this age, many kids have trouble understanding that year one is just a part of the day, and that home sweet home will be waiting for them when they're done! This is often a very reassuring thing to know.
  5. Note: If your child seems particularly worried about all that comes with year one, consider taking pictures of your child with you at home, and with the teacher, in the classroom, or with special caretakers he'll be meeting. Have him place each one in its appropriate spot on the map, and use it as yet another reminder that in each place, your child will be safe and happy…and that at the end of the day you will always be there.

Plan to repeat this activity several times, both as you prepare your child for year one and in the first few weeks of school. For many kids, the first “trips” along the map will be full of questions, but as time goes on, parents should be prepared for a happy change of roles, as kids become more and more “expert” in this big new world they've entered. Especially in the first few months of school, they'll have lots to tell you, and you'll have lots of reasons to applaud.

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