Listening for Silence at Home

Fourth Grade Social emotional Activities: Listening for Silence at Home

What You Need:


What You Do:

  1. Go outside with your child.
  2. Take a few moments to come into a mindful and still body.
  3. Take a walk to find a nice place to relax and be still, either sitting or standing comfortably. Guide your child to listen to the sounds around them. Tell them that they can close their eyes or soften their gaze.
  4. Ask them to listen to the silence in between the sounds. Pause for three minutes.
  5. After the three minutes are up, ask your child about the experience. What did they notice? Was it easy or hard to focus on silence?
  6. Work with your child to complete The Sound of Silence at Home worksheet. Also allow them to make a drawing about their experience if they would like.
  7. In order to reflect, ask your child, "How can silence and space be important? How can silence be helpful for us?"

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