Drawing Characters

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Third Grade Reading & Writing Activities: Drawing Characters

What You Need:

  • Book
  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Crayons 

What You Do:

  1. Start by choosing a fiction book to read together. This book can be one your family already owns or one that you check out at the library. Make sure the story is both age-appropriate for your third grader and about something she'll find interesting.
  2. Read the book together, one chapter at a time.
  3. After each chapter, encourage your child to think about the main character. What does she know about him so far? Have her draw the main character on a sheet of paper. Each time she learns something new about him she can add it to her drawing.
  4. Draw your own illustration of the main character along with your child, but keep it hidden! You won't reveal your drawings to each other until the book is complete. Part of the fun of this activity is comparing your separate interpretations at the end. Not only will this encourage your child to stick with the same book, but she'll also have more motivation to pay close attention to minor character details.
  5. Halfway through the book, ask your child to create a background for the main character, showing a scene from the story.
  6. Once both of you finish the book it's time to celebrate! Congratulate each other for finishing a new book and learning all about a new character together. Compare your illustrations. Did both of you catch the same character details?
  7. Display your drawings proudly around the house and then decide what book to read together next!  

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