Black Cat

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Third Grade Holidays Activities: Black Cat

What You Need:

  • Recycled cardboard tube (tissue roll)
  • Scissors
  • Black construction paper
  • 2 White pipe cleaners
  • Small pom
  • 2 Wiggle eyes
  • Glue, or low-temp glue gun
  • Black tempera paint
  • Paintbrushes

What You Do:

  1. Ask your child to paint the cardboard tube black and set it aside to dry completely.
  2. Have him draw and cut out a cat face (a circle with two triangles on top), and the cat's tail. Encourage him to create personality for the cat with what its tail is doing.
  3. Help him cut two notches directly across from each other on one end of the cardboard roll. Cut two lines, about 1" long and about 3/4" apart from one another.
  4. Have him fold them in and up to create the cat legs at the base of the tube.
  5. Ask him to glue the cat's face to the top front of the tube, and the tail to the top back of the tube, directly behind the face.
  6. He can now add on the eyes, whiskers and pom to bring his black cat to life!

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