Craft Corn Harvest Napkin Rings

Kindergarten Holidays Activities: Craft Corn Harvest Napkin Rings

What You Need:

  • Tan pipe cleaners
  • Children’s plastic “pony” beads in harvest colors: red, orange, brown
  • Tan raffia ribbon

What You Do:

  1. Start by giving your child one tan pipe cleaner. Have them thread 12-15 beads (about 2-1/4 inches) in a pattern on one end. As you go, remind them about what they've learned in school about AA--BB--CC and ABCABC patterns.
  2. Fold over about ¼” of the pipe cleaner at the end so the beads don’t slide off. Then go to the other end of the pipe cleaner and do the same thing with 12-15 more beads.
  3. Help your child twist the pipe cleaner to make a napkin-size ring, with the two bead ends held together like a pair of small ears of “Indian Corn.” Then cut a piece of raffia, and help your kindergartener tie it into a small bow right where the pipe cleaners are twisted together.
  4. Slide a rolled cloth napkin into the hole, and you’ll have a charming, kid-made holiday craft to show off for the whole family.

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