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Education.com Announces Google Classroom Integration

Sharing Education.com resources and onboarding students is even easier for teachers using Google Classroom tools. 


SAN MATEO, Calif. – March 13, 2019

Education.com,The leading online education destination for teachers, parents, and homeschoolers looking to help their children Master essential skills, is now a Premier Partner in the Google for Education Partner Program.


Education.com now offers to its millions of teacher members the ability to use Google Classroom to instantly assign resources in the classroom or for homework, save resources, sign up, and set up their classrooms using the entire suite of Google tools.


“Our goal is to not only provide high-quality, teacher-created digital and printable resources,” says Todd Schwartz, co-CEO of Education.com, “but to make the classroom experience for educators as easy as possible.”  With Google Classroom Share, teachers can easily provide their students with Education.com’s 30,000+ award-winning, standards-aligned lesson plans, worksheets, science projects, interactive games – as well as its step-by-step digital Guided Lessons that show real-time progress to identify students who need help.

“Google Classroom is synonymous with technology in the classroom and we believe that integration will greatly benefit teachers who want to get the most from Education.com resources and provide an engaging learning experience for their students,” says Marc Frochtzweig, Vice President of Product Marketing at Education.com. Google’s G Suite for Education has reached 80 million users since it first debuted in 2006 and Google Classroom now has more than 40 million students and educators using the platform to help classes communicate, boost collaboration, and make teaching more productive.      


Besides sharing resources, Google’s classroom tools also let teachers quickly import their student roster from Google Classroom directly into Education.com – saving time and effort when setting up their classes. “Not only can teachers share the resources from Education.com they’ve come to love and trust, they can easily add their students to our learning platform,” says Tatum Omari, Education.com’s Head of Curriculum and Content, “allowing them to focus on what really matters – teaching.” 


Education.com’s integration with Google also includes the ability to join and log into the site via their Google account and even save Education.com’s content to Google Drive.These integrations combine Education.com’s award-winning resources with the power of Google Classroom tools to help supplement and motivate student learning and make the classroom experience as fun and effective as possible.



Over 20 million teachers and parents worldwide have joined Education.com since we launched our early learning platform in 2015. Our curriculum is comprehensive, covering core skills from kindergarten through year 6, across maths, Reading, Writing, ELA, Science, and more. Education.com is designed with flexibility, so it can be tailored to every child’s unique interests and needs. Parents and teachers can follow our guidance step-by-step, create their own curriculum, or deep-dive into specific areas with more than 30,000 games, worksheets, activities, and lessons.